The door opens to a new, innovative gamified adventure experience: “Mission – Space Escape!”

Vitanje, 23/01/2023 – Are you ready for an adventurous adventure? Center Noordung in Vitanje – in collaboration with Enigmarium – invites you to experience an innovative, technologically advanced adventure experience with elements of “escape room” games called “Mission – Escape to Space” and save Noordung’s space station before it crashes to Earth.

In the new experience, which was created in the Noordung Center with the cooperation of the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport and the Municipality of Vitanje, the fields of cultural heritage preservation and museology, the promotion of space technology and the increasingly interesting field of gamification of experiences and “edutainment” are closely intertwined. The innovative adventure combines solving tasks in the style of “real-life” games, such as escape games, discovering Noordung’s legacy, overcoming the difficulties of space travel, and dealing with current issues brought about by (already ubiquitous) artificial intelligence.

Do you remember the cult film “2001 Odyssey”, in which director Stanley Kubrick designed the space station exactly according to Noordung’s design? In an extraordinary, futuristic film for that time, artificial intelligence took control, systems began to fail…

Now a new, pioneering and unique experience awaits you at the Noordung Centre, in which – instead of sitting in an armchair and watching a movie – you will play the main role! You will be the one to solve an important mission:

»“We received a distress call from the Noordung space station. Systems are failing, the crew has evacuated, contact with the station is lost, and the station is about to crash into Earth at any moment. We’re looking for a brave team to go on a mission, reset the computer and save themselves, the camper and the Earth from disaster through cooperation, knowledge, skill and courage.«

Since it is at this time that we encounter many questions and dilemmas related to the use of artificial intelligence every day, we designed the adventure in such a way that you leave the mission richer for valuable knowledge. The topic opens up possibilities for further reflection and research.

Gamification is a unique and valuable way to revive intangible cultural heritage and attract visitors to museums, technology centers and cultural institutions and activate new target groups who might not have decided to visit on their own. With exciting experiences, we thus increase visits and spread enthusiasm for further independent research of the topic.

The course of the experience – be careful, this is not a classic escape room:

“Mission: Escape to Space” is an innovative, high-tech combination of technology, fun, knowledge and an adventure game entirely designed and implemented by a Slovenian team and with Slovenian know-how. Tickets for two to four players can be purchased at the box office. Upon agreeing to the general conditions, the team receives a special card with which the game begins. The gamified path leads through the premises of the space station. Each space brings new challenges and tasks. Similar to an escape room, time is limited, and players are given hints to help themselves (or don’t use them if they don’t need them). The dramatic arc builds up to a fun and surprising conclusion.

We invite you to visit the Noordung Center in Vitanje, meet one of the greatest innovators in the field of space technology – Herman Potočnik Noordung, and try your hand at being an astronaut!

Will you be able to save the space station and prevent a disaster on Earth?

PS: Reservations in advance are not necessary, but we still recommend that you make an appointment at the Noordung Center in advance:

Center Noordung Vitanje; Na vas 18, 3205 Vitanje

phone: 040 300 052,

Enigmarium, over and out

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