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Welcome to the Alpe-Adriatic region’s first
and favourite Escape Room ENIGMARIUM®!

Choose your challenge! 10 unique escape rooms awaits you.

Can you play them all?

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Classroom of Doom – “the school hour never passed so quickly”

Location: Trdinova ul. 8, Ljubljana
A grave nightmare: staying after school, locked in the office of the mad professor. Only the bravest will dare to enter under lock and key. Will you be able to decipher the codes and unravel the logic games to escape from detention?

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Escape Igloo® Ljubljana – literally THE COOLEST game (“indoor” game v. 1.0)!

Location: Trdinova ul. 8, Ljubljana
The Escape Igloo® is our “coolest” room, a unique escape room that received the prestigious Snovalec 2015 Award. Since the real Escape Igloo® can only be built during the winter, we have recreated the gaming experience of our 2015 Igloo v.1 indoors on Trdinova. Come have fun while saving the world!

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Salvation Room – a true classic! The escape room in its most elementary form!

Location: Trdinova ul. 8, Ljubljana
Our first room – a true “escape room” classic! In a bourgeois apartment a bit reminiscent of Agatha Christie your detective knack – and your courage – will be put to the test. We hope that you won’t be too frightened and you’ll be able to get to the Salvation Room before the dark secret awakens!

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The artists Francesco lost inspiration – fantastic escape room from Trieste on visit!

Location: Trdinova ul. 8, Ljubljana
Nobody knows why all of a sudden he got a creative block and stopped creating. Can you help him to find inspiration and start working again. Brand new room awaits you with new puzzles and surprising twists. Come play and have fun.

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The maestro Luigi & secret recipe – the most popular room from Trieste on visit!

Location: Trdinova ul. 8, Ljubljana
Welcome to Maestro Luigi’s famous kitchen. Luigi created a recipe for pasta that made everybody happy. When the thugs found out about the recipe, they set out to steal it. Thus Luigi had it encrypted. Will you be able to decipher the encrypted recipe and make the world happy?

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Unlock, outdoor game

Location: Robbov vodnjak, Ljubljana
While renovating an old bourgeois apartment, we came across the plans of an unknown secret society known as Ljubljena. The society unites only the citizens with a pure heart and good intentions who protect the secret to a happy and successful life. There is a special test to join the society: a locked book of values. To reveal the secret of a happy and successful life you have to make your way to the last page of the book! Will you make it?

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Dr. Hannibal

Location: Vetrinjska ulica 8, Maribor
Welcome to the clinic of Dr. Hannibal Bottinoni, a provincial-ducal doctor of infectious diseases from Venice. He was the only doctor who dared to treat people because he had a secret cure that kept him healthy. Are you bold enough to find out what it was? Come and escape back to the present before you get infected!

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Redlight Casino

Location: Turnerjeva, 17, Maribor
Help Bridget find her documents so she can return home after her bachelorette party, a night she will never remember! XXX-cellent thrills in this sizzling adults-only game!

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The Shining Hostel

Location: Turnerjeva, 17, Maribor
The strangest things happen in this remote hostel, run by a lonely, overzealous Kubrick buff! Not only is the Shining Hostel situated in a remote location, its lonely night manager has taken his obsession with Kubrick films a step too far. Now he’s busy watching his favourite film The Shining – which means that you have just one hour to escape before the film ends!

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Ω virus outbreak

Location: Turnerjeva, 17, Maribor
Europe’s most immersive escape game! No one is immune! In a high-security, top-secret laboratory, the young researcher John Smith has been conducting experiments with mutations of viral strands and has now created a terrifying, new virus …

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Murska Sobota

Diana’s secret

The (in)famous Professor Rufus Amadeus, a renowned historian and contemporary “Indiana Jones”, is on the hunt for his next mystery: Diana’s Secret awaits you!
After a successful academic career in Ljubljana, the professor responded to a call for assistance from Murska Sobota. During renovations at the Hotel Diana, workers discovered an old sealed chamber filled with strange symbols and objects. From the moment the door was opened, very, very bizarre things began to happen to people.
Help was summoned from Professor Rufus Amadeus to investigate the matter in strict secrecy and find a solution. He undertook the research, but unfortunately one night in unusual circumstances, the professor disappeared. Now his fate is in your hands … Reveal Diana’s Secret!

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Brewer’s Gold and Unlock® Laško

In the very same house in Laško in which the first barrel of beer was brewed in Slovenia, there is an original and entertaining challenge connected to the actual history and of course, to beer! Will you be able to find the way to the hidden and encrypted BREWER’S GOLD in one hour?
You can also try the outdoor version of our game – Unlock® Laško – and find the hidden treasure concealed somewhere in town! A fun and unforgettable experience awaits you!

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The Mysterious Case of the Zagreb Witch

Location: Krvavi most 3, Zagreb
We’ll take you back to the times when the people of Zagreb believed in witches! A successful and pretty young woman named Barica has been accused of witchcraft and her life is in danger. You will be sent back in time to help Barica prove her innocence and save her life­.

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Femme Fatale

Location: Krvavi most 3, Zagreb
Inspired by a thousand-year-old myth, a dangerous challenge is waiting for you, a mission impossible! In complete secrecy you must reveal the true identity of this mysterious femme fatale who has recently moved to Zagreb. Everything about her is strange and mystical, and it is rumored that she has come to Zagreb for her next sacrifice…

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Escape Castle

Location: castle, Svetvinčenat
Original adrenaline-packed “escape” adventure, through seven entertaining knightly trials you will learn the history of the castle and have an incredible time while doing so. The castle walls protect a big secret which can only be revealed by those who are the most noble, reliable, respectable, devoted and brave. Solve the legacy of the mystery knight and unravel the secret!

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Ski slopes Kranjska Gora (winter)

Escape Igloo® – the coolest game!

Kranjska Gora

World’s COOLEST escape game!
Escape Igloo ® (Snovalec 2015 Award)
The world’s first Escape Igloo ® made of snow makes its home at Slovenia’s famous ski resort. Ski slopes of Kranjska Gora | Winter months only!
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Alpine Museum in Mojstrana


Gamifying tourist attractions

The Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana presents an innovative new project in the field of gamification – a playful adventure path called “Escape to the Bivouac”, a pioneer innovation conceived and realised by the team at Enigmarium®!

The team of the Slovenian Alpine Museum knows how to listen to the wishes of its visitors. The positive response from museum visitors to its permanent exhibition that was set up as a museum narrative enriched with interactive challenges, inspired the team to take a big leap forward – into “gamifying” the museum exhibit known as BIVOUAC II.

Gamifying tourist attractions – our innovations!

Enigmarium has successfully gamified and invented games in the following tourist attractions:
– museum
– castle
– igloo

Gamification immerses a visitor in the history and/or experience of your attraction’s content through playing a game that incorporates relevant facts and details.

We create these custom projects for our clients. Contact us to find out how we can gamify your tourist attraction.

Will you succeed to unravel puzzles and riddles never before seen anywhere else?

Will you manage to decipher codes and find the hidden clues so that you can unlock the door to freedom?

A wild and an unforgettable experience anf 60 minutes of fun are awaiting you! Fun guaranteed!