Enigmarium is looking for a world escape game champion!

We are inviting teams of escape room game players to qualify for the 2024 ER CHAMP world championship and bring the title “world champions of escape games” back to Slovenia!

The ER Champ World Escape Room Game Championship is an international “escape room” game competition where teams from all over the world compete. At the very first championship, which took place in Budapest in 2017, a team from Slovenia won, and it’s time to bring this title back to Slovenia!

Since then, thousands of participants from all continents of the world compete in online qualifications every year. Only the ten best teams compete live at the final event, in games made especially for this purpose, and the action is also watched by 20,000 escape room enthusiasts. You can read about how it was last year here.

This year, the eighth championship awaits us! When, where, how to join and what kind of candies we will prepare in Enigmarium for the best team from Slovenia, which we will also award the honorary title of “Slovenian ER champions”, we will reveal to you at our live gathering at Enigmarium on Trdinova 4.


We invite you to hang out at Enigmarium on Trdinova 4 in Ljubljana, on Thursday 4 April at 7:00 p.m., where you will find out first-hand everything there is to know about the championship.

The event is hosted by the Slovenian ambassador of the championship, Nataša Potočnik. You will also meet other Slovenian competitors, maybe put together another team, practice a little (bring your laptop), and chat about the winning strategy. To sign up, drop us a line at info@enigmarium.si

ER Champ 2024 Important Information

  • 2-4 players in a team, each with their own computer with internet access.
  • Anyone can participate, participation is free.
  • On May 25 at 18h (Slovenian time – GTM+2), a “stress test” is held – it is not mandatory and does not affect the qualifications, but it allows the organizer to test the load on the server systems and the game itself, and it represents valuable training for the participants – mark the date on your calendar!
  • More info: https://erchamp.com/


  • May 25 at 18:00 (Slovenian time – GTM+2) – Stress test – optional exercise and valuable preparation for qualifications

  • June 29 at 18:00 (Slovenian time – GTM+2) – online qualifiers, every moment will count here and only the ten fastest will make it to the grand final.

  • end of November – The Grand Final is expected to take place at the end of November in Poland (live-streaming). We will announce the exact date shortly.

What about the story?

This year, the players themselves chose the supporting story of ER Champ 2024 through a vote on the competition’s Discord server. The winning story was “TV-Maniacs”, which tells the adventure of two TV-series lovers who are literally drawn into the story. In order to get back to the real world, they have to find all the buttons on the remote, scattered across different TV channels. Only a perfect remote can restore their freedom. Will it work? It can’t be done without your help!


Click on https://erchamp.com/ build a team and try one of the past challenges. Not only are you in for a fun get-together, but you’re also getting ready to win! See you on May 25 at 18:00 for the stress test? And on June 29 at the qualifications. Nothing would make us happier than seeing a team from Slovenia in the grand final in Poland!

Everything you wanted to know about the World Championship, important information and dates, winning strategies, socializing and test-playing last year’s qualifiers (bring your laptop) at Enigmarium on Trdinova 4 on Thursday, 4 April at 7:00 p.m. To sign up, drop us a line at info@enigmarium.si