A brand new adventure named Escape Castle®, designed and implemented by the Enigmarium® team, can be played starting tomorrow, 23 November.

This time, something special is waiting for you – a completely fresh, new, innovative adventure game with all the elements of escape room games (only without the classic escape room). In this game you will learn about true urban legends and history, discover hidden parts of the castle, have a fun time and perhaps even manage to awaken the dragon.

Yes, that dragon, the guardian of the city, who disappeared into the earth after the clash with Saint George, and from whom no one has heard. Until today …

One day, a deep chasm suddenly opened up during the renovation of the castle. From time to time smoke would rise up from it. Respected researchers from far and wide brought the most advanced equipment to the site and from the unknown depths were able to detect a faint pulse of life. Could it be that the dragon is hiding at the bottom of the abyss?

But who can revive it?

Only the noblest, most imaginative, most respectable, bravest and most dedicated knight can handle the tests. Perhaps you are the one who will prove that you are brave enough and that noble blood flows in your veins?

But beware: you only have one hour!

This noteworthy innovation in the field of tourism, created by Enigmarium®, starts and ends at the Info Centre in Ljubljana Castle. This is a team game for two to four players. Each team has one hour to follow the game map through different locations within the castle walls and with the help of a special medallion, solve the 5 dragon tests and reach the research camp where the last, most important task is: to rescue the dragon.

You can buy tickets for the game at Ljubljana Castle. The price of the ticket, which includes the entry fee to the castle, is 10 EUR per person or 12 EUR per person with a return ticket on the funicular. The Escape Castle® game can be played all year long during the castle’s opening hours (the last game starts 2 hours before the closing time). The game starts every 10 minutes and lasts for an hour.

The destiny of the dragon is in your hands!

One hour, one team, one goal: rescue the dragon!